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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Abdusalamov expected to live

 This fight matched two knockout specialists who were evenly matched to the extent that they took turns "ringing each others bells" all ten rounds.  Abdusalamov looked badly beaten up with his face all distorted with a severe cut above his left eye but seemed able to withstand anything Mike Perez hit him w2ith

Because of Magomed had a reputation as a one punch k.o. artist it was hard for a referee to stop the contest.  The combatants had taken turns landing bombs on each other round after round with neither fighter firmly in control of the fight.

The determination of M. Abdusalamov made him seem to be unstoppable with any combination of punches.  His opponent was a great Cuban fighter, Mike Perez who boxed beautifully in this heavyweight slugfest wearing down his stronger opponent with body punches and setting up clean head shots.

This was one of the more exciting heavyweight fights in years and it is rally sad that  Mag. Abdusalamov paid too high a price...

Comatose Abdusalamov expected to survive

Comatose heavyweight Magomed Adusalamov s condition is improving, leading doctors to say he will live. 


Abdusalamov expected to live

Updated: November 14, 2013, 5:17 PM ET
By Dan Rafael |

Comatose heavyweight Magomed Abdusalamov's condition is improving, leading doctors to say he will live.

Nathan Lewkowicz, vice president of Sampson Boxing, Abdusalamov's promoter, told of Abdusalamov's condition Thursday.

"A week ago, the doctors thought he was not going to make it, that he would not survive. They said they were 100 percent sure he would not make it," Lewkowicz said. "Now they think it has turned around. They say he is going to make it now. They have seen progress with his motor skills from the tests they have been doing.

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