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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Canelo trial getting closer to wrapping up

Canelo trial getting closer to wrapping up

The court case in Miami between Promoter Tuto Zabala Jr. of All Star Boxing and Canelo Alvarez/Golden Boy Promotions is getting near the end. All the principals have already testified.

Zabala’s legal team brought forth forensic accountant Carl Fedde, who testified that according to his analysis Canelo Alvarez and Golden Boy Promotions made $135 million each between 2010 and 2015 and he estimates they can make $438 million apiece over the next decade.

Zabala is seeking damages from Canelo for breach of contract and from Golden Boy Promotions for tortious interference by signing Canelo when he was still under contract to All Star Boxing.

Canelo and his manager Jose “Chepo” Reynoso acknowledged they signed the document presented in court, but testified they didn’t understand it since it was written in English and believed it to be a visa application. 

The document was a four-year promotional agreement with an extension if Canelo wins a WBA, WBC, IBF or WBO title. Zabala is seeking $27 million, plus punitive damages that could triple that number, plus he wants Canelo back under his promotional banner to fulfill his contract.


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