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Friday, October 14, 2016

Aaron Pryor dies aged 60

Aaron Pryor, boxing great who thrilled fans with relentless style, dies aged 60

  • Pryor died at home in Cincinnati after long battle with heart disease
  • Two fights with Alexis Arguello in the early 1980s are still talked about

  • Aaron Pryor throws a hard right on Alexis Arguello during the second round of boxing action at the Orange Bowl in Miami on 12 November 1982. Photograph: Anonymous/AP

    Associated Press

    Sunday 9 October 2016

    Aaron Pryor, the relentless junior welterweight who fought two memorable bouts with Alexis Arguello, has died. He was 60.

    Pryor’s family issued a statement saying the boxer died at his home in Cincinnati after a long battle with heart disease.

    Known as “the Hawk”, Pryor was a crowd favorite who fought with a frenetic style, rarely if ever taking a step backward. His fights in the early 1980s with Arguello, the great Nicaraguan champion, were both classics that are still talked about in boxing circles.

    But Pryor was a troubled champion, and his career would unravel because of an addiction to cocaine.

    “He was very unorthodox and could throw punches from all kinds of angles with great hand speed,” said former Associated Press boxing writer Ed Schuyler Jr. “He was a great fighter, it’s too bad he didn’t have more fights.”

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