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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sad Story of Prichard Colon: A fighter who was left in a persistent vegetative state after a fight

Published on Apr 15, 2017
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How one fight changed Prichard Colon's life.Outside the Lines tells the story of up and coming boxing prospect Prichard Colon, who after a bout in 2015 was left in a persistent vegetative sWINTER PARK, Fla. -- In his bedroom at his mother's house, Prichard Colon, 24, is surrounded by images of the boxer he used to be.

His head, elevated by pillows atop the incline of a hospital bed, comes to the mid-section of his depiction on a fringed, life-sized tapestry hanging on a wall of diagonal wood paneling. He's shown in a fighter's stance, and above that, victorious, with arms raised.
Colon appeared to have the skill and the will to fulfill the dreams that he first expressed as a little boy in this central Florida home where his parents raised him. Now he lies here as testament to the peril that accompanies prizefighting promise.

"He always knew what he wanted in life -- he'd say, 'Mommy, I want to be a professional boxer, and I want to represent Puerto Rico, and I want to be a world champion,'" said Nieves Colon of when her son was in elementary school.

ESPN recently visited the Colon family for Deportes' SC Reportajes and Outside the Lines features airing over the next week.

"Imagine this is the ring, you had your heavy bag, (and) right here, (the) punching bag," said Colon's father, in the garage where he schooled him.
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Sad Story of Prichard Colon: A fighter who was left in a persistent vegetative state after a fight

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