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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Aging Hopkins versus the KO Artist Kovalev?

 Will the Alien Brnard Hopkins do the impossible and beat the KO Artist Kovalev?

Will Hopkins-Kovalev Be A  Competitive Fight?

One could make the argument that no professional boxer over 40 years old has accepted a tougher assignment and challenge in the last 60 years than what 49 year old Bernard Hopkins will confront when he meets Sergey Kovalev, 31, for the WBA/WBO/IBF light heavyweight titles on November 8th. 

Think about that, two months shy of his 50th birthday, Hopkins 55-6-2 (32) is taking on the most feared fighter in the division in Kovalev, who holds a 25-0-1 (23) mark. 

Kovalev is viewed as a big puncher...  
Kovalev is hungry for his just due and the money that will accompany it.  
Hopkins held the middleweight title 10 consecutive years, longer than any other middleweight in history
Hopkins is a great technician. Bernard feels the press has never understood or appreciated him for what he has accomplished in the ring. 
Bernard always enters the ring with the mindset of not being accepted by the boxing establishment. 

Having something to prove motivates him prepare and to keep his body in shape to thrive as a professional fighter.  

Bernard is physically and mentally tough and has a good chin .
Hopkins has adapted as fighter and learned how to fight smarter and to pace himself in accordance with his aging body.
To offset his declining physical skills, he has mastered when to work and when to coast, how to buy time and how to steal exchanges. 
Most fans and a lot of the media believe Kovalev will be the fighter to finally send Hopkins into retirement.  

Kovalev is seen as young, strong, fearless and too determined for Hopkins to hold off with his unconventional ring tactics and boxing acumen.  
Hopkins is a one-of-kind athlete, not just boxer. 
Some day time has got to run out for him, but betting against him is risky. 

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