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"Why would anyone expect him to come out smarter?
He went to prison, not to Princeton."

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Bernard Hopkins’ Winning Diet

At 49, boxer Bernard Hopkins is fighting age 

 and winning

Bernard Hopkins’ Diet is the real secret to his longevity

IBF Light Heavyweight Champ Bernard Hopkins, 49, is next scheduled to fight Sergey 
Kovalev, 31, at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey on November 8th. 
Kovalev is currently undefeated with an impressive 25-0-1 record with 23 KO’s while 
Hopkins, 55-6-2-2, is coming off a string of unforeseen victories.

Hopkins has won his last 3 fights against fighters who were all in their early 30’s 
capturing, then defending and defending again a Light Heavyweight championship. 
Before his bout with Jean Pascal in 2011, Pascal suggested that 
Hopkins’ extraordinarily long-time dominance of the sport is the result
 of performance-enhancing drugs.

Hopkins has never failed a drug test but has said that his low-carb, organic diet serves
 as his enhancement.

It has been noted that while Hopkins was jailed at the age of 18, for 5 years, he 
adapted to eating jail house portions, working out and not drinking and smoking. This discipline 
appears to have stuck with him, he tells Dave Golokhov of AskMen,
 “I don’t have no damn cook. I don’t need that. I decided about eating a long time 
ago when I was in prison how to eat, and I learned how to discipline

I learned how to eat by watching different people, different shows, learning as I went, 
and I knew that certain things ain't good for you but whether you can 
stay away from them is another battle.

So I understand that even dairy — when you get to a certain age — isn't good for you, 
so I realizedthat if I can find the best things to give me the best energy and the best 
vitamins for my body, then I’d 
be better off.

After he left prison, he continued to remove sweets, alcohol, pizza and soda 
from his diet. He also tells Dave Golokhov, “You know, it’s not cheap to live 
healthy. So, for me, it’s not about a cook or a diet, it’s about a way of life and
a way to live.”

Today, Hopkins mostly cooks for himself using only organic, low-carb foods and
 nothing processed or fried. Instead he leans towards egg whites, fish and vegetables.
 He eats red meat only when in training. This is a big reason why that t 49 years of age, 
he is the oldest boxer ever to win and 
defend a world title.

Hopkins smoked marijuana and consumed alcohol before he was even in his
 teens but he is proof that at any age, anyone can be in championship shape
if they commit to a drug and alcohol free 
lifestyle and a healthy diet, free of sugar and processed foods, 
which is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. "

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