Don King, on Mike Tyson

"Why would anyone expect him to come out smarter?
He went to prison, not to Princeton."

"To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music
and the dancers hit each other."

Sunday, May 3, 2015

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Winner, a Bevy of Belts

Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the World Boxing Council, shows off the title belt, which is encrusted with gold and emeralds.CreditRebecca Blackwell/Associated Pre

“Um, I saw the big belt, so I know it’s a championship fight,” said Mike Behner, a 66-year-old construction company owner, referring to the emerald-encrusted championship belt displayed here this week by the World Boxing Council. “But I don’t know if it’s the world championship or the U.S. championship, or even if there is such a thing. I just know that whoever wins gets the belt.”LAS VEGAS 
By now, even people who do not follow boxing know that two men named Manny Pacquiao andFloyd Mayweather Jr. are due to fight an important match here on Saturday. But does anyone — boxing fans included — know what they are fighting for?
As big as a Frisbee in a dollar store and a million times as expensive, the belt is a thing of gaudy wonder, even by boxing’s inflated standards. The World Boxing Council sounds pretty impressive, too, with its fancy, authoritative name.

But its authority is limited. The W.B.C. is just one ingredient in an overstuffed alphabet soup of several competing bodies in boxing that each do virtually the same thing. For a fee, they sanction, or give their imprimatur to, different sets of matches in dizzying arrays of weight classes — ones you have heard of (middleweight) and ones you probably haven’t (superfeatherweight).

Floyd Mayweather Sr., the boxer's father; Mayweather Jr.; Manny Pacquiao; and the trainer Freddie Roach with the W.B.C. belt.CreditMonica Almeida/The New York Times

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