Don King, on Mike Tyson

"Why would anyone expect him to come out smarter?
He went to prison, not to Princeton."

"To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music
and the dancers hit each other."

Monday, January 4, 2016

Howard Davis Jr. Dies at 59


  Howard Davis Jr. squares off with Hector Camacho during their nationally televised junior welterweight bout in 1987. Photo / THE RING

Howard Davis Jr., left, fighting Carlos Gonzalez in 1977. Davis won the Val Barker Trophy as the top Olympic boxer in 1976. Credit Larry C. Morris/The New York Times 

Howard Davis Jr., Who Won Boxing Gold, Dies at 59

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TNL said...

OT: I think all of us would love a rematch between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao this 2016 . Question guys,is it really possible? Even though Pacquiao is now recuperating from a shoulder injured surgery, there is still a possibility for a Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2 rematch.